It is made for small to large inventories. It's a responsive Webstoreku theme with a quick view and side navigation make it easy for your customer to find what they looking for. It gives any product catalog magnetism at first glance.

How do I pick a template?

  • All of our templates are your starting points.
    Pick your template based on how close it is to your ideal website, but don't worry about an exact match. Your pages and content can be changed after you sign up. If you like one of the template, but not quite right, you can get our design services to modify template or custom design your perfect template. Contact us about design services.
  • Pick your template based on design, not its features.
    Like the design you see, but not seeing the pages or features you need for your site in our example? No problem, you can add any of Webstoreku's core features to any of our templates.